Kelly DainesOwner/Creative Director

Having started out as a singer/songwriter herself, Kelly utilizes her creative talents to meld various groups of musicians and performers together to create the ultimate experience specific to the event or venue. As a leading and innovative entertainment curator, Kelly has played a major role in changing the atmosphere and perspective of music in Vancouver’s lounge scene. She supports, promotes, and hires new contemporary up-and-coming talent and carves out more opportunity for emerging artists.

Recognized by some of Vancouver’s top industry leaders, Kelly has had the opportunity to stretch her talents nationwide to Toronto where she quickly launched local hot spots in Canada’s largest musically diverse city. With deep roots in the electronica world and a passion for live music, Kelly continues to blend all music cultures, creating a buzz wherever she goes.

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys going out dancing with her friends – the woman still loves her some deep sexy house & has a busy social life. She also loves underground musical festivals where she can just let herself go and dance among the trees. Next on her list of things to do: learning how to DJ & use a loop pedal so she can keep performing for fun, which is still a major passion.