Danielle SnowEntertainment Coordinator/Business Development

Enthusiastic. Innovative. Intuitive. These are all words to describe this well-rounded, self-taught entertainment curator whose professional mantra is “Be yourself. Trust your instinct. Work in your passion.”

As well as a strong background in PR, Danielle brings with her vast experience in developing customized music programs for some of the biggest entertainment groups in Vancouver. She’s excited to build upon that expertise to create one-of-kind entertainment experiences with the newly energized Siegel team. She’s also looking forward to playing a continued role in growing the local music community and helping artists realize their full potential.

Her own artistic loves include interactive multisensory events, costumes and circus – Danielle is even known to bust out some pretty sweet stilt-walking moves, and is a gymnast at heart. Her next artistic goal, however, is to learn her way around the ukulele. It’s an instrument that’s always held a strong appeal for her because of its association with the beach – a.k.a. Danielle’s happy place.