Wilson Gibbons Duo

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Violinist Cameron Wilson has been a fixture on the Vancouver music scene for the past 3 decades. He is recognized as one of the most versatile violists able to play a wide variety of different musical genres and is one of the city’s most sought after studio musicians and he is also a composer/arranger whose works have been performed by a number of symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles across Canada and the U.S.

David Gibbons is a great vocalist who has written many songs and arrangements for various projects, has toured extensively with bands including Jamiroquai, Bad Manners and Billy Childish.

The Wilson Gibbons Duo is a fresh approach to the violin/guitar duo concept. They perform a wide range of musical styles and their repertoire consists of vocal and instrumental renditions of celtic, folk, pop, rock and classical music. The duo is perfect addition to any occasion.