The Dubious Brothers

Dance / Vancouver

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The Dubious story began in the early eighties when Victor was often found in small and not so small bars on Vancouver Island, delighting discerning patrons with his eclectic mix of rock, blues, reggae and funk.  What made him stand out as a solo act was that no matter what the situation was, Victor was clearly enjoying himself; belting out songs that he really liked and put his heart into.

When he bumped into Chris, a musical connection was forged that would keep on growing to this day.   Although Chris had picked up the harmonica only a short time before, he was quickly hooked and jumped at the chance to ‘sit-in’ with Victor.

The Dubious Bros. (originally a four piece electric project, and now a duo with a fat, danceable sound) was inevitable and truly lives up to their motto “There’s no such thing as too much fun!!”