Sina Amini - Siegel Entertainment Curation

Sina AminiEntertainment Coordinator

Primed for all aspects of entertainment curation, Sina sees to every detail of every production with the efficiency and confidence that comes from hands-on experience and genuine passion.

An avid concertgoer, his love for music is infectious – he combines that enthusiasm with an exemplary work ethic. Ergo, his mission for every show that he produces is to create an environment of positive energy – something he does exceptionally well. What drives him to make each show the best he possibly can is the amazing feedback he gets from clients.

It’s safe to say that behind the scenes is Sina’s comfort zone. But he still likes to tap into his creative side – he just does it on the sly. Word around the office is Sina enjoys producing his own original pop, R&B and hip hop music at home. Maybe someday he’ll share his gift with the rest of the world. Until then, his main focus is orchestrating unique entertainment experiences for Siegel clients.