Michael Collyer

Entertainment Coordinator

Before joining Siegel Entertainment Curation, Michael was a fulltime DJ for 11 years. He’s still heavily immersed in the local music scene – in fact, you can catch “DJ Mike Cee” behind the decks at some of Vancouver’s premier clubs several times a week.

A master at reading a room, Michael knows how to create just the right vibe for every type of event – big or small. He also brings a mind for business and more than a decade’s worth of industry connections to his role as entertainment coordinator. He lives for the hustle of generating new leads and building on those relationships. His favourite part of the job is the flexibility, but at the same time when it’s time to work, it’s time to work. Michael can’t say enough nice things about his Siegel team. Likewise, his colleagues think the world of him too, describing him as a visionary who thrives on challenges. Fitting, considering he lives by the ole 50 Cent adage, “If I can’t do it, homey, it can’t be done.”

Mike’s next big challenge is earning his masters in organizational psychology – all the while giving his Siegel clients 110% with every project.