Mike Weterings

Mike Weterings is a two-time West Coast Music Award nominated Vancouver-based artist. He fronts both his own all-originals group with a distinct African slant to their trippy pop/rock sounds, and performs solo across Western Canada for the past 7 years. He comfortably plays before large night club dance audiences as well as intimate private gatherings.

Mike Weterings is one of the best cross-cultural artists around. His music draws from a life experience that includes traveling around the world for 3 years visiting over 60 countries as well as studying and playing diverse music styles from jazz to soukous (Congolese dance music) to pop-rock.

Mike Weterings has often been compared to the Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, and Paul Simons’ “Graceland” period. His sound is a effortless blurring of musical categories into a distinct, new, high-energy live and listening experience. Live, MWB always serves up a tasty dose of great songs and jam sections that keep the energy flowing all night long!

In the cookie cutter world of commercial music, Mike Weterings stands out as a distinct yet accessible musical experience. Mike Weterings has a rare musical expression that blends both song and groove. Throughout the night you will want to know both the words of every song, and feel the urge to move your feet at the same time.

For the past several years Mike Weterings has been developing a one man show in addition to his band performances. He intimately involves the audience with his relaxed personal style, gifted songwriting and impressive guitar playing skills.

Part of his solo show integrates a digital loop sampler. In the midst of his performance Mike records live (“off the floor”) to create a dynamic canvas of instant sound and vibrant additional textures. The effect on the audience is awe inspiring.