Wes Mackey

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Asked to describe his style of music, Wes Mackey’s first instinct is to say “diverse.” When pressed, he says it can best be described as “Contemporary Blues.” “I’ve been influenced by Wes Montgomery, traditional Blues, R & B and downright necessity, so I guess I’ve developed my own style that combines them all.”

His first gig paid 50 cents and a chicken sandwich but soon he found himself working in bands that would back up touring artists including Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, Stevie Wonder and many others. He can play alone or with his band (he is very flexible in changing band configurations ) this warm, wise and funny guy works hard at his craft in spite of the obstacles, and if anyone deserves success, without a doubt it’s the gritty “Bluesman,” also known as Wes Mackey.