Vitaly Beckman


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Vitaly is an International Magician, with more than 13 years of experience. In his shows, paintbrushes paint by themselves, spoons levitate in the air and butterflies bring him things while he is being shackled to a chair. He can perform both on stage, in front of a large audience as well as up close, for small groups of people. Vitaly performs with passion and enthusiasm for the magic and love for the audience.

Samples of Vitaly’s stage tricks:

– Levitating Spoon:
A spoon which levitates in mid air is sealed inside 2 wine glasses where it continues to defy gravity. When the glasses are opened, the spoon slowly levitates right into Vitaly’s mouth!

– Super Vision:
Vitaly attempts to read a borrowed newspaper from a distance of 50 ft, a feat that has never been done before. (Several audience members are holding books/newspapers wide open, while remaining in the audience. Vitaly manages to read any word or sentence, from the stage!)

– The Blindfolded Waiter:
Three audience members order their favorite drinks. Vitaly pours the drinks for them while being completely blindfolded and causing one of the drinks to float in mid air.