Vicky Sjohall

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Vicky’s first love in music is performing. She has a captivating stage presence and a powerful voice, with an energy that is pure & infectious. She started singing for audiences at 3 years old, started writing in high-school, and was performing back up vocals both live and in studio by her early 20’s. By 2000, Vicky had toured Europe and Canada with her nationally acclaimed pop band ‘Cherrybomb’, whom also released 4 albums. She released her debut solo album,  ‘Simple Pleasures” in December 2009, and received an IAMA honorable mention for 2 songs from the album, quoting: “Vicky Sjohall is an artist to watch for.” Her soaring vocals and intricate melodies and arrangements continue to be the foundation of her work.

Her voice soars and her energy does too. Vicky’s first solo album “Simple Pleasures” is intimate, enchanting and lyrically moving. Following the break up of her Canadian nationally acclaimed pop band Cherrybomb, Vicky found herself in control of everything for the first time so her songs express a taking charge of life with a powerful and still wonderfully delicate approach.