Tammy Weis


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While growing up in Northern Alberta, Tammy was always
surrounded by music. Her grandparents organized and sang in church
choirs, her great-grandfather played the banjo and her mother sang
country songs. Tammy, named after famous country singer, Tammy Wynette,
was encouraged to sing by her mother and grandmother. As she grew older,
Tammy lost sight of her talent, but when tragedy struck in 1994; with
the death of her mother, Tammy was faced with some serious
soul-searching. While going through her mother’s belongings, Tammy came
across her songbook. As she went through the pages, Tammy realized that
her mother had dreamed of recording an album; however, with domestic
responsibilities, had never had the opportunity to follow that dream. It
was then, while listening to Sarah Vaughan’s version of “Over The
Rainbow,” that Tammy realized how truly special her mother’s gift was.
For Tammy, that was the moment when she resolved to use this gift to
fulfill her mother’s and, she realized, her own dream: to record an
album and to pursue a career in music!