The Siobhan Walsh Group


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If you’re looking for ambiance, look no further! The Siobhan Walsh Group weaves its way from classic jazz standards, to smooth R&B hits with a Gospel groove and style that is uniquely their own! Siobhan brings a wealth of many genres to her style, with a large influence of classical, jazz and opera in her early years; and later; Gospel, R&B, Blues and Funk. From Victoria, B.C, she grew up heavily immersed in the arts scene. She has performed lead roles in many musical theatre productions, concert choirs and various jazz and R&B/soul groups as a vocalist and saxophonist.

The Siobhan Walsh Group is a Vancouver based jazz band formed from a passion for music that speaks to our hearts. Including aspects of neo-soul, R&B, blues, and gospel, SWG marries classic and modern style into one. Their aim is to produce great feeling, great sounding music that inspires and transports an audience.