Richard Whiteman

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Toronto native Richard Whiteman is an extremely versatile player, fluent in styles ranging from the stride masters of the twenties, through Bud Powell and Bill Evans, to modern giants like Keith Jarrett and Herbie Hancock. As a leader, he has released five CDs, and has received raves from as far away as Japan, where his “GROOVEYARD” disc was rated one of the Top 500 Jazz Piano Trio records of all time!

Richard has performed at major Toronto jazz venues, with orchestras (The Canada Pops Orchestra and The Dave McMurdo Jazz Orchestra), classical crossover groups (The Galaxy Trio), and musical theater (“Forever Plaid”), as well as countless “casual” engagements with some of Canada’s top jazz artists (Don Thompson, Kenny Wheeler, Pat LaBarbera, Ed Bickert, Dee Daniels, etc.). In addition to touring across Canada with his trio, he has performed in Brazil, Egypt, and the USA.