Rhythm and Cello


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Rhythm and Cello is ready to quell your folk, rock, reggae and Latin music cravings on acoustic guitar and cello. Band members John Welsh and Stephanie Glegg meld their musical and songwriting talents with vocal harmonies to produce an eclectic sound that appeals to a broad demographic. Their acoustic-style originals and distinctive arrangements of familiar cover tunes in a range of genres are appreciated by both longstanding fans and newcomers to their music.

Rhythm and Cello’s first performance as a duo was in 2006, providing the music for a wedding on Hernando Island. The resulting collaboration was too satisfying to abandon. Occupational therapists by day, musicians by night, Stephanie and John have a natural chemistry onstage and enjoy performing at a range of venues, including restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, festivals, community events and weddings.

Musician Bios

John Welsh is a singer-songwriter from Abbotsford, BC. Growing up listening to folk, rock and reggae influences, such as the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel and Bob Marley, he picked up the guitar at the age of sixteen. One of John’s many travels brought him to Guatemala, where he became fluent in Spanish and developed an appreciation of the Latin musical genre. He quickly began singing and writing songs in this style, bringing rhythm and energy and adding a unique layer to the duo’s extensive repertoire.

Stephanie Glegg is a multi-instrumentalist who trained classically on the cello from the age of five. She found her opening into contemporary music under a most unusual guise: as a French hornist. Her band and orchestral experience on the instrument earned her an invitation to join the 6-piece Brazilian jazz/funk/fusion band Gravity Fetish. Over time she convinced the group of the merits of the cello, and gradually added improvisation to her skill set. She later fiddled on the cello in a Celtic rock band before joining Los Amigos on cello, trumpet and vocals. She now calls Rhythm and Cello home, contributing cello and vocals.

Bob Marley
The Beatles
Simon and Garfunkel
Gypsy Kings
Jack Johnson
Dave Matthews
Of Monsters and Men