Joanna Borromeo


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Being an artist who is known to enjoy musical contrasts, Joanna Borromeo (pronounced “Boro-MAY-o”) fits soulful vocal melodies with backbeat-heavy, R&B grooves and jazzy musical arrangements. She began as a classical pianist, eventually turning to jazz to discover her love for musical improvisation, composition and contemporary music theory. Joanna’s professional career started with Joanna as a freelancing keyboardist and back up singer for other artists, playing everything from contemporary gospel, to world music, to R&B, to pop/country, to folk and even electro-rock. In 2010, she became a solo artist and hasn’t looked back. Always wearing her heart on her sleeve, Joanna doesn’t hold back when it comes to singing about her life as an artist, a love-seeker and perfectly flawed human being. Her first EP, Through the Dark (2010), is an award-winning album which features songs that have twice been shortlisted in the R&B songwriting categories of the John Lennon Songwriting Competition and the Great American Song Contest. Her latest album, Kaleidoscope (2013) – nominated for Urban Recording of the Year at the 2013 West Coast Music Awards – reveals a more vulnerable side to Joanna. She speaks of failure, picking up the pieces, and the grey area that humans often find themselves in when in love. More than just a seasoned keyboard player, Joanna is a multi-hyphenate, showing equal strength as a singer, songwriter, composer and producer.