Jim Byrnes


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Jim Byrnes grew up in St. Louis, where he learned to play blues guitar at age 13 and continues to play on his favorite guitar, a Gibson 1969 Hummingbird. An eclectic individual, he studied for the priesthood in a seminary, and was even a professional shepherd at one point. He studied acting at Boston University and St.Louis University. Byrnes is a gifted actor and an inspiring individual.

He lost both his legs in an automobile accident Feb. 26, 1972– the same day he landed his pivotal “Wiseguy” role as Lifeguard fifteen years later. He has also appeared in numerous television series and motion pictures, including “The Hat Squad,” “Omen 4,” and “The Hitchhiker.”

Sample Songlist…

No Special Rider
Treat Me This Way
That River
All Over You
Every Waking Moment
If I Every Cried
Otto’s Mood
I Got It Bad
Wrapped Up, Tied Up
Still Stuck On You
Fire On The Bayou
Shake Your Money Maker
Love And Happiness
Bad Boy
You Don’t Know
Gamma Lamma
Hands Of Time
Stranger Blues
Hangover Morning
Next Time You See Me
Flatfoot Sam
You Belong To Me
Hidden Charms
The Message
Just For The Thrill
The Chill Is On