Ivan Tucakov


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Ivan was born in Belgrade, Serbia, where he first developed an interest in guitar and studied under the Berkley School of Music curriculum. In 1998, he moved to Vancouver and formed the Tambura Rasa collective with the aim of expanding the boundaries of world-fusion music.

Tucakov has released seven collections of original compositions under the world fusion act Tambura Rasa and two albums with pianist Oriana White called “Vino & Forte”, with influences by Balkan, Flamenco, Classical, Indian classical, Turkish and many other forms of music. He has produced electronic mixes, some of which were released on the European Cafe del Mar lounge compilations. In addition to the Tambura Rasa ensemble, which has toured across Canada, Ivan collaborates with string orchestras, flamenco, belly and samba dance troupes and many guest artists during his live shows. Tambura Rasa’s 2014 album “Arribada” was nominated for Best World Music Recording of the year for the 2015 West Canadian Music Awards (WCMA).