Igor Laze


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Igor is currently a co-lead singer/guitarist for his original band Morre, based out of Toronto. They have four albums out and are a professional touring band with a unique, original rock sound.

Igor has been playing in many other local bands of all styles, ranging from Hard Rock/Metal to Pop music. He has also performed in many classical recitals, along with showcasing his students and their skills. He is constantly playing in Toronto all types of cover gigs (Corporate events, Weddings and Parties).

Igor started playing music at the age of 7 in Latvia, playing and performing with the cello. he was part of the local full orchestra. Later on he studied piano for a few years, mainly classical. After moving to Canada, at the age of 16 he picked up the guitar, and realized that this was his instrument and naturally he advanced very fast and developed his skills accordingly. Igor has completed RCM examinations by preparing for them all by himself, including the theory which he teaches as well. He has graduated for music pedagogy with honours from York University and studied jazz with Lorne Lofsky.