Fandango Quartet


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Fandango Quartet is one of Vancouver, B.C’s most sought-after holiday performance groups. A vibrant and energetic performance ensemble singing a cappella four-part harmony together since 1999, Fandango Quartet’s extensive repertoire of seasonal selections and harmonic interpretations of the holiday classics add a unique flair to any holiday event.

Fandango Quartet has entertained at almost every conceivable venue and occasion both indoors and outdoors: office parties, concerts, community events and festivals, on escalators, mountain gondolas, in restaurants, stores …the list goes on.  No matter where they perform, (or in what weather conditions!), Fandango always gives a professional presentation, delivered with humor and pizazz. Fandango’s performance style is completely flexible and since they sing a cappella – just voices  – with no other accompanying instruments – it allows them to sing virtually anywhere!