El Niven & The Alibi - Siegel Entertainment Curation

El Niven & The Alibi


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Edmonton duo El Niven & The Alibi, deliver rugged and restless tunes about liquor, love and lone wolves — fueled by intoxicating blasts of twang, melody and honesty.

From the start, Niven has displayed a preternatural knack for melody, infectious choruses and stick-to-itiveness— after years of touring extensively through the U.S. and UK. Yet the full extent of his songwriting skills are only now on display with El Niven & The Alibi. The duo has recorded several songs, including Next To Me and Likker, with Brian Moncarz (Our Lady Peace, The Trews, Yukon Blonde) and plan to return to the studio in the months to come.

“I think we have all the ingredients,” says Niven. “I want people to think we’re new and interesting and be intrigued by it. I don’t want to be safe. I’ve got nothing to lose. We’ve got everything to lose by being safe.”