Dmitri Gritsaenko


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Dmitri’s musical career began at a young 14 years old, when he began to play at a local lounge in his home town, Gubkin, Russia. His school teachers were concerned, but when his grades remained exceptional, they too realized that music is as much of a brain stimulant, as it is an art form on its own.

After graduating from college, Dmitri worked in several Olympic cities as a pianist, including Lillehammer, Norway, and Sochi, Russia before travelling to Turkey. There, he continued to establish his career, playing as the solo pianist in a 5 star hotel, as well as with local bands, and finally performing for the former Turkish president, Kenan Evren. Dmitri made his way to Vancouver, sailed as a pianist with several high-class cruise ships, and worked for The Pacific Ballet Theatre School as an accompanist.