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Born and bred in Vancouver, BC, IPO began her ascension into music leaving a health science/mathematics background. Passionate about doing more with the talent she had, she ventured out as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist into the world of music technology and production and quickly, yet prestigiously, graduated as a Sound Engineer.

Work soon after followed, with connections to the hospitality industry at Cactus Club Cafe (English Bay), Townhall Public House with the Joseph Richard Group, and Doolin’s Irish Pub, among many more. The corporate world led her to play for retail giants and play throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland at high profile venues.

In high demand for her talents, she delivers music that touches the soul with meaning and hope, or turns up the ratchets with the dirtiest tunes. Her classical, dance music, and urban influences bring out a unique style to her productions that are definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

When she isn’t tinkering around in the studio or isn’t spinning sick mixes, IPO spends her time being a public figure, mentor, and philanthropist as a Co-Founder for a non-profit organization.