Diva Musica


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DIVA MUSICA . This stunning new violin and piano duo has found a way to bring sparkle and charisma to the classical repertoire. Formed out of a shared desire to bring the classical greats to new audiences in a fresh and innovative way, DIVA MUSICA is electrifying. This duo combines a fresh, vivacious look with virtuosic talent to create powerhouse performances each and every time.

Although based in Vancouver, BC, both Rosemary and Victoria come from a strong international background in both training and performance. Both hold master’s degrees and have performed at numerous venues throughout Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Mexico, and Israel. Most recently, Rosemary and Victoria have performed together, as well as on their own at such engagements as: a live television broadcast in New York, live on Hockey Night in Canada, a performance at Carnegie Hall, a concert at Donald Trump’s home Mar-A-Lago, and for the 25th anniversary of Children’s Miracle Network at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Diva Musica has recently released their debut album entitled Elegance.

DIVA MUSICA has been featured in various newspapers including The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Metro, The National Post, Winnipeg Free Press, and various New York and Miami publications. Recent reactions to their performance included such superlatives as magnetic, virtuosic, dazzling and unforgettable. Always professional, exciting and unique, DIVA MUSICA is your connection to the joy and excitement of classical music, delivered in a modern edgy way.

Sample Songlist…

Ave Maria
Clair de Lune
Salut d’Amour
The Swan