Dino DiNicolo


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DINO DiNICOLO The Man and the Musician
Dino DiNicolo has been playing music all his life. He started on the electric organ and later left that behind. Those simple electronic grooves lingered on however, leaving a lasting impression and an early fuel for the rhythmic guru. As the electric bass grew into an extension of his hands and his voice developed a rhythmic center of its own, Dino DiNicolo became a master musician with a groove so deep that it moves the mind, the body and the soul.

His career has taken him to the countries of Hawaii, Japan, Grand Cayman, New Zealand and across the continents of Europe and North America. Around the world, Dino has captivated listeners with his humility, innate charisma and honest good-looks. He generates a positive energy wherever he performs and leaves his audience always wanting more.

Dino grooves comfortably in many styles of music and has been a contributor to a variety of projects. As a performer, session player and composer, he has worked with – EMI Publishing Canada, John Parr, Supertonic, Uno Mas, Don Alder, Riley and the Ryze, Melanie Dekker, The Town Pants, Sherry St. Germain and many more.

Dino has also forayed into the movie industry. In addition to performing and recording with Michael Moriarty of the show Law and Order, Dino does some acting on the side. This journey having been started after landing a role in the Disney TV show ‘So Weird’, and branches out with some of his music being commandeered for sound tracks in various pilots and documentaries. His first three solo album releases have fueled the fire for his most recent album “Skin and Bones”.

The impressive list of accomplishments continues to grow from the man who never stops: Dino DiNicolo.