Cocktail Pilots


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This 2014 formed trio, The Cocktail Pilots, are an instrumental ensemble focusing on Jazz, Lounge, Surf, Spy, Exotica, and other Contemporary genres. Currently playing in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland Regions, and are now regulars at the Hard Rock Casino in the UnListed Lounge, usually Saturday evenings.
They love to play in Casinos and upscale lounges. This band is VERY RETRO, 1930’s to 1980’s instrumental music, perfect for these establishments. The percussionist, Jeff, can play from a 3 piece Jazz kit with brushes, up to a 10 piece deluxe kit – Client’s choice. Lead guitarist, Reno, and Rhythm guitarist Matt, excel at interwoven rhythms that made Surf music the forefather of the West Coast Rock sound of the 50’s and 60’s.