Amandah Jantzen


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Jazz and popular music are overloaded with “overnight successes” who gain a great deal of attention when they burst upon the scene, only to slip away into obscurity within a short time. Amandah Jantzen is the complete opposite. Throughout her career she has increasingly earned a strong reputation while mastering her craft. She is a singer who, once experienced, one never forgets.
Amandah is accepting offers as a Jazz singer or pianist/singer at International Resorts, Hotels, and Cruise Ships.

Amandah has the rare ability to uplift standards and make vintage songs sound fresh, new and topical. Her warm voice and swinging style, combined with a large repertoire, result in consistently memorable performances. She is never shy to embrace melodies and lyrics from the Great American Songbook, bringing out the hidden beauty in both, but her renditions are never predictable. She is a jazz singer yet is also quite accessible to a wide audience.