Amanda Wood


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Listening to Amanda Wood sing brings to mind the subtle whispers of Norah Jones and the soulful range of Eva Cassidy. Her recent career highlights include meeting Quincy Jones who has expressed interest in her music.

Her dreams came true when she met and played with David Foster. Amanda performed a private show for the King of Malaysia and met with top record executives in Hong Kong. This talented individual sang with the famous actor Jeff Goldblum and his jazz quintet and performed with the world famous violinist Lara St. John. Amanda continues to perform in numerous jazz festivals including the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

Some of her greatest musical influences include: Barbara Streisand, Bonnie Rait, Eva Cassidy, Diana Krall, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Celine Dion and Norah Jones. Her tastes in music are as diverse as the changing seasons in beautiful BC and she prefers it that way.

Amanda Wood can perform as a duo, trio and larger bands.