About Siegel

Curating extraordinary experiences through the power of performance art is what Siegel Entertainment does best.

Through collaborative consultations, our dynamic team of talent curators work closely with clients to customize and carry out fully realized entertainment solutions. And no event is too small or too big, too young or too old, too silly or too sophisticated, too avant-garde or too vanilla. Our eclectic and culturally diverse expertise ensures that every customized wedding, themed party, charity gala and corporate concert is produced with one aim in mind: creating a lasting impression for you and your guests.

In addition to a truly boundless geographical and creative reach, we have years of experience – more than 40 in fact.  Founded in 1975 by professional musicians, Siegel Entertainment Ltd. is one of Canada’s largest talent agencies with a broad reach in both domestic and international markets. From our head office in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, we provide services for clients in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. One of the keys to our continued success is the strong, lasting relationships we build on ‘both sides of the fence’ – i.e. purchasers and performers alike. We also have an undeniable passion for the arts, and it shows. That’s why we enjoy a very high rate of return business. We enthusiastically maintain the highest standards of excellence and professionalism, resulting in satisfied customers.

From the moment your guests walk through the door of a Siegel-produced event, they’re immersed in an environment of tantalizing artistic forms. What they don’t see behind the scenes is all the gear logistics, talent liaising and administrative aspects that Siegel seamlessly executes to your specifications. See, we take care of all production details (pre, during and post), so you can actually enjoy your own event.

So, local ’80s cover band? Bring it. International aerial silks routine? You got it. Fat Elvis, skinny Elvis – take your pick. Face-painting for a children’s birthday party, deep house DJ for an after-dark art exhibition or classical string quartet for a garden party? We got you covered.

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Whatever the occasion calls for, taking your entertainment components to the next level starts with Siegel.